World Famous Dutch Paintings

This is an overview of today’s most world-famous Dutch paintings and their artists with some more detail and background.
We clearly do not only list master painters of the Dutch Golden Age, such as Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Jan Steen or Vermeer but look at painters from later times as well.

Holland has of course known that acclaimed period of fame, the Golden Age which more or less spanned the period of the 17 Th century, but why and how does a painting become famous with time?
One thing is for sure, fame doesn’t limit itself to a certain era or century.
And numerous painters and their paintings became known only long after they had died and.

Dutch master paintings by Vermeer or Rembrandt have never reached today’s level of fame at such scale before and Vincent van Gogh was never recognised during his lifetime at all.

These are today’s most well-known Dutch paintings and their artists, available in a large reproduction variety.

Ferdinand Bol - Portrait of Elisabeth Bas

Ferdinand Bol – Portrait of Elisabeth Bas

Ferdinand Bol (attr. to) Portrait of a great character, probably Elisabeth Bas – around 1642 – Original: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Hendrick Avercamp - Master of the Ice Scene

Hendrick Avercamp – Master of the Ice Scene

Fun on the Ice Scene – 1610  Original: Het Mauritshuis – The Hague – The Netherlands

Anyone who masters outdoor skating knows that part of the fun on ice is being part of the crowds surrounding...Read More »

Lucas van Leyden - the Last Judgment

Lucas van Leyden – the Last Judgment – it is all in the face


The Last Judgment – ca. 1526 – 1527 Original: Museum De Lakenhal – Leiden – The Netherlands

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The Portrait of a Boy - Jan van Scorel

Jan van Scorel – The Portrait of a Boy

“Who is Rich? He who doesn’t desire any. Who is poor? The Miser”

Portrait of a School Boy – 1531 Original:

Maerten van Heemskerck – Saint Luke Painting the Virgin

Saint Luke painting the Virgin – 1532

Saint Luke painting the Virgin 1538 – 1540

There is no use crying over spilled milk.
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The Peasant Wedding Pieter Bruegel

The Peasant Wedding – Pieter Bruegel the Elder

The name Bruegel very likely creates a visualisation in our mind of paintings of very busy landscapes populated with peasants, village life and of the foolishness and absurdity of humans.

Although Bruegel did paint religious subjects also (one example is...Read More »

Hieronymus Bosch Garden Earthly Delights


Hieronymus Bosch – The Garden of Earthly Delights

Jeroen (Hieronymus) Bosch was well known during his lifetime (ar.1450 – 1516).
His work was popular with collectors and his works have always been widely copied.
Of Bosch’s life we know very little, the name Bosch we know him under likely...Read More »

Les Tres Riches Heures Duc de Berry - The Limbourg Brothers

The Limbourg Brothers – Their Finest Hours

It must have been the titles of the fabulous works created by the brothers Limbourg in the 15th century which hardly made me realise before that these stunning artists came from the Netherlands, as the titles of the works they are most renowned...Read More »