The Girl Pearl Earring Painting Review : BrushWiz

By | November 10, 2016

Reproduction by BrushWiz


The first impression of the work presented by BrushWiz is that of a quality painting that relates quite closely to the original in appearance and atmosphere.
It seems somewhat darker than the original.

BrushWiz describes its process of hand painted oil paintings to detail and offers good product information upfront. Painting is done by own master artists in the company’s studio, using the best materials without the usage of any digital or computer methods.
Their endeavour is to recreate every facet of the original to a museum-quality work of art. At the completion of the work, you will have the opportunity to preview the painting and reach BrushWiz with you comments and suggestions for optional rectifications.

Price is from $ 180.00 (unframed). The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

The Pros

Museum quality and 100 % hand-painted

No digital methods used – production in own Studio

Size from 18 x 22 inches (plus 2 inches all sides for framing purposes)

Option to comment on preview for rectifications once painting is completed

Satisfaction guarantee – money back guarantee of 30 days

Free shipping within reasonable period

Impressive painting at reasonable price from $ 180.00

The Cons

Painting gives impression at first to be slightly darker than the original

Sizes differ from the original (which is 44,5 cm x 39 cm)

BrushWiz presents itself as an established company with quality products that are described in detail and is doing the extra to satisfy the customer.


4 thoughts on “The Girl Pearl Earring Painting Review : BrushWiz

  1. Jan Peterson

    This review was very helpful. I’ve made a purchase from for two paintings by Caravaggio. The quality was absolutely stunning and far exceeded my expectations. I will certainly come back again for more beautiful paintings. I will give this company a 5 star rating and recommend you all to buy from them.

    1. Jan Willem Post author

      Great to know the review helped and that you approve on BrushWiz’ quality. Reproductions of Caravaggio have to be of high quality to enjoy them, which two Caravaggio paintings did you purchase from them?

    2. Vince Gratzer

      Hi Jan,

      I’m thinking of using Brushwiz for Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ. I noticed you were very happy with your Caravaggio’s by Brushwiz and wanted to know which painting you had done.

      My email is if you’d like to reply.
      Thanks very much,
      Vince Gratzer

      1. admin

        Hi Vince,

        Great that you are thinking of purchasing another Caravaggio reproduction!
        Let me know if you got a reply from Jan Peterson and if you are happy with your choice of Brushwiz again.


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