Pearl Earring Painting Review : BeyondDream

By | November 13, 2016

Reproduction by BeyondDream

The girl pearl earring painting

The first impression of the work by BeyondDream is that we are looking at a painting that goes much more towards an interpretation of the original.
Which is, of course, fine if you like to go that way.

BeyondDream limits its information and product description of the painting to a minimum, which has got value in itself, because what counts is the end result.
The company states that the painting is a 100 % hand-painted oil painting on canvas, that comes in one size, 36 x 24 inches, which makes it almost double the size of the original. But one can imagine a larger wall space may need a larger work of art to be seen properly from afar.

The price is from $ 106.00 (unframed).

The Pros

100 % Hand-painted canvas oil painting

 Size is 36 x 24 inches, (almost double the size of the original) which is great for a larger wall space

Stretching and framing option – you may look for your own choice of frame

30 days Money Back guarantee

 Good price range at $ 106.00 (unframed) – $ 207 (framed)

 Good customer rating  5 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

The Cons

Painting tends to go towards an interpretation, could be less interesting if you are looking for a reproduction closer to the original

 Only one size available (larger than the original)

Framing less rated by one customer (solution: receive the painting and then frame it your choice)

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