Painting Review : 1st Art Gallery

By | November 13, 2016

Reproduction by 1st Art Gallery

Our first impression is we are looking at a really well painted beautiful young girl’s face with the expression we know so well from the original work in the museum here in The Netherlands.

1st Art Gallery states to be the world’s largest supplier of Made-to-Order-Oil-Paintings, with satisfied customers in over 120 countries, amongst them the Royal Family, museums and Hollywood.

The company presents two versions of the hand painted reproduction in two different size ranges.
The details confirm that no digital or printing techniques are being used and all paintings are 100 % hand painted, brush stroke by brush stroke.
Sizes offered are 19 x 16 inches (Detail 1) to a large 72 x 90 inches (Detail 2), which will be doubtless a great eye catcher on any large wall!
1st Art Gallery’s customer satisfaction is described well, which is important when ordering online and contains money-back, satisfaction, and lifetime warranty.
Prices from $ 265.00

The Pros

♦ Details of the beautiful girl’s face are really well painted

♦ 100 % hand painted, no printing or digital techniques used

♦ Exceptional variety of sizes available

♦ Large supplier of Made-to-Order oil paintings with impressive references worldwide

♦ Customer satisfaction, money-back, and Lifetime warranty included

The Cons

♦ Price from $ 265.00 is on the higher end but can be a good investment


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