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Ferdinand Bol – Portrait of Elisabeth Bas

Ferdinand Bol – Portrait of Elisabeth Bas Reproductions (Oil paintings) by Art Oyster, Cutler Miles, and Elite-Paintings read more below The tavern, wines, nudes, and cigars The portrait Ferdinand Bol’s fame is in the portraits he painted, and one of his most famous portraits is that of a lady, likely Elisabeth Bas, who was a remarkable character and a highly respected… Read More »

Lucas van Leyden – the Last Judgment

Lucas van Leyden – the Last Judgment – it is all in the face   One of Lucas van Leyden’s most famous paintings is the altarpiece triptych of the apocalyptic Last Judgment, painted in 1526 – 1527 for the very well off merchant Claes van Swieten. Its fame has everything to do with the fabulous… Read More »

The Portrait of a Boy – Jan van Scorel

Jan van Scorel – The Portrait of a Boy “Who is Rich? He who doesn’t desire any. Who is poor? The Miser” Portrait of a School Boy – 1531 Original: Museum Boymans Rotterdam, The Netherlands About the reproductions read below About the painting The age (Aetatis 12) of the schoolboy in the painting is written… Read More »

The Peasant Wedding Pieter Bruegel

The Peasant Wedding – Pieter Bruegel the Elder The name Bruegel very likely creates a visualisation in our mind of paintings of very busy landscapes populated with peasants, village life and of the foolishness and absurdity of humans. Although Bruegel did paint religious subjects also (one example is The Conversion of Paul), he remains most… Read More »

Hieronymus Bosch Garden Earthly Delights

Hieronymus Bosch – The Garden of Earthly Delights Jeroen (Hieronymus) Bosch was well known during his lifetime (ar.1450 – 1516). His work was popular with collectors and his works have always been widely copied. Of Bosch’s life we know very little, the name Bosch we know him under likely comes from his birthplace the city of… Read More »