Best Oil Painting Reproductions

This page has some reviews of the best oil painting reproductions to help you search and compare.
The reproductions industry of hand-painted oil paintings is growing and developing almost yearly, with the refining of techniques, the number of companies and (exchange of) information.

But with the market, fortunately, asking for more quality also, competition in quality and price has risen and as a result, there are many good options to choose from when looking to buy a quality reproduction in a set price range. But you need to do some research before buying.

One advice

Reviews can be a great initial help making a final choice, but the one most important advice we can give you is to ultimately always rely on your eye, feeling and judgment in what you come across.
Don’t let yourself carried away too much by sales promises and other people’s judgments.
When ordering your quality reproduction canvas, you are the one that knows why you are buying and for what purpose: to hang the work of art on your wall at home, in the office, or as a valuable gift for the person you have in mind.
That is what counts most.

For the reviews of the best reproduction companies, we looked at what is today likely the most famous painting of all times :

The Girl with a Pearl Earring, painted by Johannes Vermeer around 1665 – 1667.

The Girl Pearl Earring Painting

Painting Review : 1st Art Gallery

Reproduction by 1st Art Gallery

Our first impression is we are looking at a really well painted...Read More »

Pearl Earring Painting Review : BeyondDream

Reproduction by BeyondDream

The first impression of the work by BeyondDream is that we are looking at a painting that goes much more towards an interpretation of the original.
Which is, of course, fine if you like...Read More »

The Girl Pearl Earring Painting Review : BrushWiz

Reproduction by BrushWiz


The first impression of the work presented by BrushWiz is that of a quality painting that relates quite closely to the original in appearance and...Read More »

Painting Review : overstockArt

Reproduction by overstockArt

The first impression shining off the...Read More »

Painting Review : Roya Art

Roya Art

The very first impression this painting detail leaves is that the girl’ s gentle face with its slightly daring, innocent smile comes close to the expression of the original painting.
This counts for the colours too, although the...Read More »

Conclusion – Which one to Choose?

All reproductions listed here have a lot of good Pros.
The main question is: do you have a preference for the reproduction that comes as close as possible to the original Girl with a Pearl Earring, or do you really like the reproduction that adds interpretation to the work of art? Which finish do you prefer ?
And do you prefer it ready framed or do you choose a frame after delivery, once you have set eye on the work of art you will be looking at for a long time after?

BrushWiz and 1st Art Gallery are visibly the reproductions closest to the original painting by Vermeer, with Roya Art being a good choice also.

Beyond Dream and OverstockArt choose the way of interpretation for their oil painting reproductions, and their paintings can have a collectors’ value too.

Sizes: when you are looking for a high quality larger size reproduction 1st Art Gallery is the one to go for with a large variety.

But with all the information above in mind, the one most important advice remains to ultimately rely on your own eye, judgment, and feeling when choosing an oil painting reproduction.
That way you won’t be disappointed.