The Girl with a Pearl Earring


We want you to find the best quality Dutch Master painting on canvas available.

To hang on your wall at home or in your office, or as a gift to your business relation or your children when setting up their very first home.

When it comes to choosing a piece of Art that has been around for so long and is a treasure to so many people around the world, we want to help you making the right choice by going into more detail of the canvases offered online.

For us to be able to help you out with your final choice we compare the various canvases offered by looking at the original painting.  Here, around the corner in the Netherlands.

Naturally, not every painting by a Dutch master is on display in the Netherlands, but we can still look at other works of the same artist and contemporaries to get an overall idea on style, colour and composition.
And compare those details with the canvases available.

So browse our pages and various articles before making your valuable decision on the purchase of a piece of Art.